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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

The Story

Alice thought she had found her perfect partner in Edmund, "Love sought, is good; but given unsought, is better." But behind the mask of love hides the green-eyed monster, "O beware, it doth mock the meat it feeds on.."

The green-eyed monster is jealousy which turns to abuse, first verbal then quickly to violence.

This is Alice's life, a life of shocking brutality at the hands of Edmund. How can she escape from this abusive relationship, who can she turn to and what measures can she take to stop it?


The title of the film: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow echos the repetition of the abuse, it's not just a one off, it goes on, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.

I didn't want to tell this story through the conventional route of writing in a modern context, but felt that I could tell the story using elements of Shakespeare's plays.

The main source is from Macbeth, with a scattering of other famous speeches.

By re-interpreting Macbeth & Lady Macbeth's monologues I was able to build dialogue for Alice and her friend Portia as they discuss how she can stop the abuse.


I have taken Hamlet's "To be, or not to be" speech, to show how Alice battles with her conscious,  whether to commit suicide or kill Edmund.

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