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Riddle in the Sand - The Show Must Go On!

After a fraught few days, I have managed to get the cast tied down to some filming dates.

Principle filming will start on June 5th & 6th where I will be filming all the CID office scenes, many thanks to The Salisbury Office for loaning me one of their pods for the day to shoot these scenes.

Then, fingers crossed I can secure the location, I will be filming the interior scene for Bennett & Co Tailors at Studio Theatre on the 19th June. This will require me building a box set and dressing it to look like a Savile Row Tailors. I have approached a few independent shops to use their premises but have had no luck. Although not ideal, using Studio Theatre will at least allow me to have control over the location, which is a good thing.

I have also managed to secure the services of a photographer to take production stills and some BTS (Behind The Scenes) footage.

A massive shout out to Ruby Hyde for helping out.

Please visit her website to see her stunning artwork, you will be impressed.

I am still on the look out for help with this project, in particular a sound operator.

If you are interested in helping out, I'm not able to pay, but will cover expenses were I can, but if you love making films and have something you can bring to this project (enthusiasm is the main ingredient) then please get in touch, via the dedicated "Riddle in the Sand" page, I would love to hear from you.

I am slowly building up props, the numerous charity shops in Salisbury have been a great source, especially the Alabare Wilton Emporium, what an amazing place they have, some great stuff to be found under one roof.

Next location to source is a beach, for the opening scene of the film. When the weather improves I will be visiting a few along the coast, to see which one will be suitable. This will be filmed early in July and will be the final day of shooting.

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