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Riddle in the Sand - The Beginning of the End

To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, this is not the Beginning of the End, but the End of the Beginning.

What do I mean by that?

Well I have finished principle filming of my first feature film (Beginning of the End), and now I move on to the edit (End of the Beginning).

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th July saw us film the last three scenes of the film:

Scene 1, Scene 4, Scene 5 & 6.

After a couple of weeks of sending emails, filling forms and writing risk assessments for Bournemouth Council I was able to secure permission to film at Hengistbury Head.

It was certainly worth the effort and cost to film there, we were lucky that the weather wasn't too good, as it gave us an empty beach, but we did have to contend with some rain in the morning, but the sun did eventually come out which meant that we had to film some of the earlier scenes again.

Sunday saw us move to the fourth location of the shoot for the Vicarage scene, many thanks to Hazel & Simon for allowing us to film in their beautiful home.

I was able to shoot an additional scene which was scripted to be filmed outside a tailor's shop, but was not able to get permission from any of the Independent shops in Salisbury to do this, so had to resort to a setup in my car.

It has taken five days in total to make this film, spread over about six weeks.

Two external locations, several locations for interiors and building of a set for Bennett & Co Tailors.

I cannot thank my cast enough for giving up their time and for their patience whilst filming the scenes. For some of them it was their first time filming so was an eye opener for them to witness the process of making a filming at first hand.

Now it's on to the edit. As anyone who has edited a short film or anything else, will understand the time it takes to cut, sync audio etc., that does not include color grading the film and sound design.

Also working on the titles for the film as well...

I will edit when I have time in between working for clients.

I hope to have a rough cut by the end of August, then leave it for a couple of weeks then come back to it to do another edit. This process I will repeat until I have an edit I'm happy with.

Release date is set for December 2021.

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