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Riddle in the Sand - Bennett & Co

Day three of our shooting schedule was at Studio Theatre where we filmed the interior scenes of Bennett & Co.

On the friday before filming started, we built the set for the interior of Bennett & Co Tailors. Many thanks to Alistair & Chris for helping out.

It was great to welcome Cath (Mrs Perkins) to the cast, her first time in front of the camera and to Nick (Mr Bennett) who joined us again for another stint in front of the camera.

We had no technical issues this time round, sound production was better, I used four wireless mics (Saramonic UX15 & Mouriv MR-KG2) on this occasion, running through a Tascam DR-70D, also had a Rode NTG4 on the camera as a backup.

Also we managed to get a second scene filmed as well, we quickly converted the shop into a mortuary.

We were joined by Chris (Mr Brent) again for his first time in front of the camera, Judy who played a WPC and by Ruth (Mrs Brent) who appeared in the "Dragon's Shadow".

All in all a great day. Two more scenes in the can, time was against us so I was not able to get the exterior scene of Bennett & Co done. This will have to be squeezed in at a later date.

Another week off, then fingers crossed A: we get permission & B: the weather gods are kind to us, to film the beach scene in July.

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