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Riddle in the Sand - Mission Impossible?

Updated: May 17, 2021

When I was making short films it was with two characters, which was easier to manage, I knew making a feature would be doubly hard, and that has proved to be the case.

Trying to get eight people together (cast) is proving to be a nightmare, luckily I do have a crew to worry about, as I am the Producer, Camera man, Lighting, Props, Set Dresser, Construction, Director, the list goes on, which in some ways is good, as I only have to deal with myself and I know I will give 110 percent to the project.

But it would be nice to off load some of the jobs, collecting props would be one them, to someone else.

My wife always says when I commit to a project it is to the detriment of everything else, it is the only thing I focus on, which I think is good, but it would be nice to have a team around me, to help with the production side of the project. That will come in time I'm sure.

Back to the current situation, cast availability; as my cast are doing this for free and fitting around their own personal life, child care, work commitments etc, it is still proving to be "Mission Impossible".

I will be looking at the script again, over the coming days to see if I can lose a few scenes, move some of the dialogue around and possibly looking at re-casting. The latter is a long way down the list and something I do not want to do, at the moment at least.

Locations and props are coming together slowly, which is encouraging.

Amazon is a great source for props; where can you get hold of twenty grand in cash these days?

These are the trials and tribulations of being an indie filmmaker.

Off to do a shoot for a promo for a client today, hope the weather holds.

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