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Riddle in the Sand - Location, Location, Location

Updated: May 28, 2021

Once the ball was rolling on this project I created an entry on IMDB to publish the project.

Once I had the cast it was time to search for locations.

This has proved to be the hardest part of the process, as I am producing the project myself it has involved a lot of leg work in and around Salisbury to find locations.

Thanks to Nikki (Buckett), I have been able to source a location for the Vicarage scene.

I will be renting office space from The Salisbury Office, a new venture started up in Salisbury, this will be the CID offices of Buckett and Spade.

I wanted to keep the film based in Salisbury, and to try and keep the movement down in these COVID restrictive times, I approached several local independent premises to rent and use for specific scenes in the film.

All approaches were met with a resolute NO!

Undeterred, and thinking outside of the box, I contacted Studio Theatre, a local amauter dramatic company in Salisbury to see if I could hire their premises to build an interior set for the Bennett & Co Tailors scene.

At the time of writing this, I have a verbal agreement, so that might be another location ticked off the list.

I have two more locations to find, a mortuary and a beach.

As there are no beaches in Salisbury, being landlocked, I will be making a trip to the coast to recce beaches for the opening scene of the film.

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