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Riddle in the Sand - Edit, Edit, Edit

Not a lot happening since the last lot of random thoughts, just gearing up for Friday 18th of this week to build the set for Bennett & Co Tailors, then film the scene on the 19th.

Made a few enquiries with companies to see if they are in the market for a promo, one was very interested, so fingers crossed something comes of it.

I have signed up to several casting agencies, did an episode of a long running BBC drama a couple of weeks ago. I have been getting a few calls for a film that is currently in production, can not say what the film is, sorry. But these get cancelled at the last moment, but that's the film industry for you.

Image is of me on set back in 2006 whilst filming Amazing Grace with Ioan Gruffudd, Nicholas Farrell, Sylvestra Le Touzel, & Romola Garai directed by Michael Apted.

To fill the time, and to get a head of the curve I have started to edit and colour grade the footage taken on the 5th & 6th June. Not happy with the feel of the grading but will wait and see how it looks on the footage I'm shooting at the weekend.

I have spent most of the time balancing the audio between my two actresses, one is very quite the other a little loud. Being loud is better than being quite, it's easier to drop levels then to raise them, especially when you do not have much head room in the audio.

I have also tighten up the edit, dropped some words and the odd line, doing this I have cut the scene down, from around 9 minutes to 6 minutes, I don't think I can take any more out.

Over all very happy with the edits so far.

I am still waiting on a response to the emails I sent to Bournemouth Council regarding filming at Hengistbury Head. I will leave it a day, then try again.

Watch this space

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