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Riddle in the Sand - Day of Days

Last weekend (5th & 6th June) we started principle filming on our feature film.

Great to have started filming, it has been a long time since the idea of turning this play into a film script began.

Day 1 - We managed to get the completed incident room scene done, had a few issues with sound, have managed to get rid of some of the issues in post, but will need fine tuning before the final edit. The cast wanted to push on with filming the second of the three scenes earmarked for the weekends filming, we wrapped at 6.30pm. Quite a long day but got a lot done.

Day 2 - Was spent blocking the final scene of the weekends shooting schedule, decided to go for a more minimalist approach then from the previous scenes, worked out to be a good move as the scene is more intimate.

We wrapped around 2pm, giving the cast time to get home and sort themselves out before returning to their day jobs on Monday.

We have a break of a week or so before filming commences on Day 3 of the schedule. We move to our second location at Studio Theatre for Bennett & Co and the Mortuary scene. Now we have four characters to film so double the number of setups. For two of them this will be their first time in front of the camera, they have done stage work before, but will find the filming process a lot different.

One thing I have learned from this process so far, is to choice or write a script with little or no dialogue, this has always been a failing of mine, I suppose it comes from my background in theatre.

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