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Riddle in the Sand - A Buckett & Spade Adventure

Updated: May 17, 2021

I started this project back in 2018, having found a short stage play that would make a great first time feature, I approached the playwright (Alistair Faulkner) to see if I could adapt his play into a script.

He agreed and so the search was on for a cast.

I first approached two male actors to play the parts of Buckett & Spade, at the time they agreed, so this allowed me to start adapting the script for the screen.

Other projects and life got in the way, then we had the COVID outbreak in 2020, and this put a stop to everything.

At the end of August 2020 I was made redundant, so had to make a life adjustment, this ended up with me making the decision to setup as a freelance filmmaker.

Early this year I check to see if the two actors were still up for making the film, and it turned out they were not. Not wanting to leave this on the pile of unfinished projects I thought, how about changing the two main characters into women..

Buckett & Spade - Reborn

I spoke to two actress I have used in the past, (Anna & Nikki) and after a screen test via Zoom we settled on the idea and I cast them in their respective roles.

All I had to do was to change a few references and lines in the play and I had the leads, it was then a case of phoning other actors I have appeared with and directed on the stage to see if they would appear in the film.

After a few more screen tests via Zoom I had a cast.

Then it was on to finding the locations.....

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