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Riddle in the Sand - Life is a Beach

Good news, I finally got a reply from Events at Bournemouth Council,

After numerous emails and phone calls, to what turned out to be an out of date phone number & email address, I received an email with a link to an online form to apply for permission to film at Hengistbury Head.

I had to write a risk assessment for the days shoot, never done one of these before, so hope it's Ok.

I then had to look around on the interweb for an insurance company to get £5 million Public Liability Insurance for the day.

Found a company called Create Insurance, many thanks to Leon for sorting this out for me. They specialise in insurance for Freelance Creatives, so if you are after some insurance for your kit, for you or for your project, then check them out.

If you want to film in and around Bournemouth then visit their website, the information is correct at the time this blog was written.

So fingers crossed the application is successful, I will of course keep you informed with how it pans out.

My budget has now exceed £200, not a lot I know when it comes to making a feature film, but when you are funding (self producing) the film out of your own pocket, then yes it is a lot of money. Not sure where I am with the budget, will sit down sometime to work it out.

Stay safe.

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