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Jack The Ripper

Is a spell-binding recreation of London’s darkest, cruellest most notorious ex-resident, an enchanting fusion of Rock Opera, ensemble physical theatre, and eerie historical fact.

"Yours Truly - A Documentary” will encapsulate the story of Frogg Moody’s & David Taylor’s vision from its humble beginnings to the critically acclaimed success it enjoyed at its height in 2014, the very last time it was performed.

"Walk if you dare, through the warren of the East End streets, life is tough here, girls sell themselves to live.

Something is stirring, something in the air tonight, can't you feel it, a world of physical reaction..."

No Prayer For The Dying

Frogg Moody / Alan Marsh - All rights reserved

Why YTJTR How Did It Start

Why YTJTR How Did It Start

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This video is a segment taken from an interview with the shows creators Frogg Moody & David Taylor for the forthcoming documentary "Yours Truly Jack The Ripper - a rock-u-mentary"