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Creating A Talk Trailer At Excel London!

Creating A Talk Trailer At Excel London!

Welcome back everyone, last week we were given the opportunity to be able to showcase "Reza Hooda's talk" and be able to help create some social media content of his day at accountex that took place at Excel London. The start of this shoot was to set up for Reza's talk, as he was giving a talk on how to "increase your profits without working harder". We ran this as a two-camera shoot, personally, I was using a gimbal on a wider lens, that was able to show Reza and the audience, and Richard was following Reza around with the tighter lens. After the talk, we followed Reza around accountex to get "B-Roll" ( B-roll footage, Broll or B roll is any supplemental video that is considered to be secondary to your primary footage. B-roll can be gathered with a separate unit, acquired from stock footage, or obtained from any source other than your principal photography. ) that we planned to add over the top of another video of him explaining what he was going to talk about within the talk he has just given. This "trailer" video, is likely to be added to Reza's sales funnel, for people who would like to watch the full training (The edited talk from the event.) the goal of such video is to build anticipation to make it more likely that his audience will click thought to be able to watch the training. Thought out the day, we were also able to ask a few of the audience, of Reza's talk about what their thoughts were on the talk. This is what we would call "social proof" ( Social proof is a term that was coined back in 1984 by author Robert Cialdini in his book Influence. This phenomenon is also called informational social influence, and essentially it's the idea that people copy the actions of others in an attempt to emulate the behavior in certain situations. ) content. Big thank you to Reza, Richard Clake, and Lukas Smith for making this video

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