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Fear the Living


It is 20 years after an earth shattering event that wipes out 90% of the earths population, sending the survivors back to the stone age. Our heroine, Kira wonders the desolate country side her thoughts her only companion. What is she is searching for, what is the purpose of the journey? "It has been confirmed, that initial estimates for the spread of the virus; which has been dubbed: H3N2:16-3 by the newspapers, have been completely wide of the mark. The World Health Organisation has now reported that the virus is fatal in 100% of all cases, they have also said, 80% of the world's population have been infected. Is this the end of mankind?" 

freelance filmmaker

Fear The Living - Full Trailer

Fear The Living - Full Trailer

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Directed & Written by - Richard Clarke


Kira - Nikki Shepherd

videographer | filmmaker|documentaries | films | corporate videos

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